The fashion of the 80s and its strong comeback

November 21, 2023

The cyclical nature of fashion is a phenomenon that’s well-established. What was once old, inevitably becomes fresh and exciting again. One such example is the bold, oversized and unapologetic fashion of the 80s. This decade, renowned for its audacious style, is making a strong comeback in today’s fashion scene. This article will explore the distinctive trends of the 80s, their resurgence in contemporary clothing, and the power of vintage fashion in making a statement in today’s style landscape.

The Getty Images of the 80s: A Visual Feast of Boldness

When you think of the 80s, what fashion images come to mind? Chances are, you’re picturing neon colors, big hair, shoulder pads, and of course, denim. Getty Images, a leading visual media company, offers a comprehensive library of fashion photographs from this captivating decade.

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Denim was a huge staple in the 80s, and not just denim jeans. Denim jackets, denim skirts and even denim dresses were all the rage. This was an era where more was more. Clothes were adorned with sequins, lace, and ruffles. Patterns were mixed and matched in a bold display of fashion freedom.

Denim: More Than Just Jeans

Denim was everywhere in the 80s. It was worn in every possible way, from jeans to jackets, and even as accessories. The versatility of denim made it a favorite among fashionistas of the era. Today, denim continues to be a staple in our wardrobes. However, it’s the return of the 80s denim styles that’s causing a stir in the fashion scene.

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High-waisted jeans, mom jeans, and oversized denim jackets are all making a comeback. These styles represented the relaxed and easy-going style of the 80s. The power of denim lies in its ability to adapt to current trends while still maintaining a touch of vintage charm.

Black Clothing: A Timeless Statement

While neon colors and wild patterns dominated the 80s, black clothing held its own as a timeless and powerful fashion statement. From black leather jackets to black high-waisted jeans, this color added a touch of sophistication and rebellion to any outfit.

Today, black remains an essential part of our wardrobes. It’s a color that can be worn in any season and for any occasion. The comeback of 80s fashion trends has also seen a resurgence in the popularity of black clothing. The power of black lies in its versatility. It can be paired with any color or pattern, making it a staple in any wardrobe.

Oversized Clothing: The Bolder, the Better

Another distinctive element of 80s fashion was the oversized clothing. From oversized shirts to oversized jackets, this trend was all about comfort and making a statement. Today, this trend is making a strong comeback.

This trend isn’t just about comfort, though. It’s about making a bold statement. Oversized clothing allows for a dramatic silhouette, drawing attention and making the wearer stand out. This trend is not only seen in everyday wear, but also in high fashion, where oversized clothing is often used to challenge traditional notions of shape and proportion.

Vintage Fashion: The Power of the Past

Vintage fashion refers to clothing that imitates the style of a previous era. There’s something nostalgic and romantic about wearing clothes from a different time period. The 80s, with its distinctive fashion trends, is a favorite among vintage fashion enthusiasts.

The comeback of 80s fashion is not only a testament to the cyclical nature of fashion, but also to the power of vintage fashion. Wearing vintage clothing is a way to express one’s personal style and individuality. It’s a way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Moreover, vintage fashion is a way to pay homage to the past, while still looking forward and adapting to current trends.

The 80s Icons: Power Dressing and the Making of a Trend

In the 80s, power dressing was the name of the game. Think of Princess Diana and Jane Fonda, who are etched in our memories with their bold and beautiful ensembles. For many, these icons represent the epitome of 80s fashion style. The power suits, the shoulder pads, and the big hair – all these elements exuded confidence and class.

The 80s was a time of experimentation and breaking rules. Getty Images has a plethora of pictures showing icons like Jane Fonda in her high-waisted workout gear, and Princess Diana in her elegant gowns and power suits. These images are reminders of the boldness and audacity that defined the fashion of the 80s.

Fast forward to today, power dressing is making a strong comeback, albeit with a modern twist. Power suits are being reimagined with relaxed fits and softer lines, while shoulder pads are being incorporated into modern silhouettes. High-waisted pants and skirts, once a staple in the wardrobe of every 80s working woman, are now a major fashion trend.

Black Friday sales and fashion week runways are awash with 80s-inspired outfits, confirming the strong resurgence of this era. The comeback is not only about bringing back the old but giving it a contemporary spin that appeals to the fashion sensibilities of the new generation.

Acid Wash and Fanny Packs: The Unconventional Yet Stylish

Acid wash, with its distinct faded look, was a denim trend that originated in the 80s. This unique fashion trend was a product of the decade’s love for experimentation. Today, acid-washed jeans and denim jackets are seen on runways and in street fashion, making a strong statement about the decade’s enduring influence.

Another 80s trend that’s making a surprising comeback is the fanny pack. Once deemed as the epitome of uncool, fanny packs are now sported by top celebrities and influencers. They are versatile, functional, and add a fun 80s vibe to any outfit.

Conclusion: The 80s Fashion Making Waves in the Present

The 80s, with its bold colors, oversized clothing, and unapologetic style, continues to inspire today’s fashion scene. From high-waisted jeans, power suits, and shoulder pads to acid-wash denim and fanny packs, the distinctive trends of this decade are making a strong comeback.

Getty Images captures the essence of this vibrant era, offering a visual feast that inspires contemporary designers and fashion enthusiasts. The cyclical nature of fashion ensures that what was once old can be new and exciting again, and the 80s is a testament to this fact.

More than just a trend, the resurgence of 80s fashion is about embracing individuality and making a statement. It’s about power dressing, experimenting with bold colors and patterns, and pushing the boundaries of style. So, whether you’re a fan of vintage fashion or a trendsetter looking for inspiration, the 80s offers a wealth of fashion ideas that can make you stand out from the crowd.